Some of my work has been chosen to be on display at the Museum in Liestal (BL). Liestal and the surrounding villages were the cenre of the silk ribbon weaving industry, and one of their permanent exhibitions reflects this. This industry is now past, but the museum is delighted to show regional  products hand spun and woven in silk from the present day. The works displayed are for sale, so do contact me if something interests you.

Hand-dyed silk with felted Merino

My Satin-angora rabbit litter with their mother at 6 weeks old

English angora fibre spun on hand-spindle


Handspun and plied English angora fibre

An assortment of angora and silk yarn

Collapse-weave shawl, angora and silk in a linen/silk warp with over-twisted wool

Angora/Silk/Merino handspun warp.

This shawl won Gold medal, Best in Show at the National Angora Club Show, Bradford 2006

Detail of antique Spinning wheel, dated 1827

In the following clip Marianne is shown at the woodworking firm Zaugg & Salvisberg in Bowil (CH), trying out an antique Bernese spinning wheel dated 1827. The firm used to make and restore spinning wheels, and the wheel shown was used by the restorer Bernard Salvisberg.

Fancy yarn, wool

Natural coloured cottons, hand spun and hand woven
Natural coloured cottons, which darken when washed, hand spun and woven into material for pillow cases.
Finished pillow cases from natural coloured cottons, much appreciated by tomcat Finn.